Hi, my name is Daniel Patterson. Welcome to my personal page on the web, serving multiple purposes as my official color resume, my LinkedIn profile, and my personal portfolio.

I am an expert in several different technical subjects, like .NET, Software Development, 3D Design / Modeling / Animation / Manufacturing, Electronics Design, and a number of others. You can check my Skills and Endorsements page for the full list.

If you were to ask me the one thing that would make you want to hire me first, it would be that I have the ability to formalize, document, develop, and complete your freeform or adhoc project in just a few days to a few weeks, while my competitors are still meeting about what they might want to accomplish as a deliverable result, and what the milestones should be along the way. Eighteen months later, when my competitors deliver your first successful project, I will be working on your twentieth successful project.

I accept PayPal, Google Wallet, Bitcoin, ACH Direct Deposit, and other forms of payment.

Navigating this website, you will be able to find information and examples of most of the work I have ever done. If there is something you can't find, please let me know, and I will make any appropriate updates.

If you decide to use one or more of the Google Forms on this site, please don't mind their menacing message at the bottom of each form about not ever entering your password. I won't ever ask you to enter a password on a Google Form.

Thanks for your time, and I hope you have a great day.



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My Portfolio area contains a variety of live samples and demonstrations. If you wish to see me demonstrate something you don't see listed in that area, please drop me a line.

Following is my latest commercial. It was a collaborative effort in which I performed the set and props, animation, script, narration, and Google ad management roles.

Not to toot my own horn too much, but I am also very proud of completing development of an online computer based training course authoring technique that is not only compliant with computer-based training standards, but simultaneously doesn't require the use of any proprietary software in the authoring of any course you might want created. In addition, since it is written in HTML5, the newest and most powerful version of web browser language, any student with any type of device can automatically take the course. There are no special requirements on either side of the equation.

Please feel free to take the demo course on this page.

What this means to you as a training provider is that you no longer have to pay huge sums to proprietary companies like Adobe or Microsoft to save your data in proprietary formats that would make your organization continually more dependent upon them.

If you are interested in hiring me to create a course for you, then please drop me a line.


Contact me for any of the following. I can handle anything from designated role to team management.
  • Corporate Management / Department Management.
  • Project Management.
  • Direction and Production.
  • Character and Object Design.
  • Props, Lights, and Staging.
  • Rigging.
  • Animation Design.
  • Rendering.
  • Sound Engineering.
  • Visual / Audio Mixing and Editing.
  • Excel / Access / Word VBA Macros and Automation.
  • Microsoft .NET Software Development from the ground-up.
  • Mechanical Design / Prototyping / Freelance Manufacturing.
  • Numerous Professional Duties.

You might also be interested in checking out my Services page for à la carte entries.

I am currently available for projects of any type. Just give me a call or send an email, and we can talk about whatever you would like to do.